AI • Creative possibilities

Artificial intelligence: it may be our future but can it write a play?

Artistes & Robots

Grand Palais, Galeries nationales

5 avril 2018 – 9 juillet 2018

see also :  “Sunspring” by Oscar Sharp , the first film created by an artificial intelligence.

[In the wake of Google’s AI Go victory, filmmaker Oscar Sharp turned to his technologist collaborator Ross Goodwin to build a machine that could write screenplays. They created “Jetson” and fueled him with hundreds of sci-fi TV and movie scripts. Building a team including Thomas Middleditch, star of HBO’s Silicon Valley, they gave themselves 48 hours to shoot and edit whatever Jetson decided to write]

A Visibility Matrix | Sven Anderson & Gerard Byrne at The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, 2018

Land / Sea / Signal | Group Exhibition at Rua Red, Dublin, 2018



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